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Aug 3, 2020

Trained More than 20K+ Individuals & Professionals

Hyderabad, Aug 4, 2020 ( - Findbusy, a Hyderabad-based start-up, is changing the way modern brands find their audiences. The startup aims at bringing transparency and clarity to digital marketing services and helps its clients to make the most of their digital spend. The company works for More than 21+ clients.

The founder and CEO of Findbusy, Mr. Veerander Chowdary, started his entrepreneurial journey in the year 2016. It was a dream come true for Veerander. After completing B. Tech in Civil Engineering, Veerander worked for a company as a sales executive, which soon made him realize the tremendous opportunities marketing has got.

It was then the digital marketing agency- FindBusy was born. Deciding to start a digital marketing company over a normal marketing company, was a smart move by Veerander as he was sure that the future world belongs to complete digitalization.

Now, this Hyderabad based company offers various digital marketing services to over 21+ companies all over India.

The name of the company - Findbusy has got an interesting thought behind its name. Find-Busy, It's a fact that a fit company will be always having lots of work and thus they will be always busy. The same applies here- Veerander wants everyone to be busy in their business, which is believed as a positive sign of a growing business.

Initially, Veerander faced problems in getting genuine clients. Later, he entirely changed his business strategy. He focused more on Branding his company than advertising, which later helped him pool an excellent client base.

Veerander's journey as a mentor started when he got invited to one of the management colleges in Hyderabad for a seminar.

Later, building a personal brand for Veerander helped him get projects easily. He also got lots of requests from many students requesting training from his end. And that journey as a trainer which started with 10 students in a batch, now grew into 25,000+ students in Veerander's learning management system.

First, it was Veerander, his wife, and one of their cousin brothers who was running the business. Now there is 20+ staff working under Veerander. He has trained more than 20K+ students and also has given 25+ Seminars across India!. Most of his students are successful digital marketing experts and business individuals now. Most of them draw a good amount of salary or profits serving various companies.

He is an Entrepreneur, Social Media, and Digital Marketing, expert. He has 7 years of experience working in the digital marketing field and I know all ins and outs of the industry.

Veerander was always fond of reaching out to people, especially to students to guide them that digital marketing can be a business and he is always ready to help everyone explore even the hidden opportunities in each phase of digital marketing. So itself he makes sure he gives out his digital marketing course for FREE along with real-time examples.

His mission is to train one million people on Digital marketing and ensuring a wonderful career and future to all and his goal is to make every student think like an entrepreneur and make sure every student can stand independently.

Starting from the orientation class itself, he guides his students on the ways to find jobs in digital marketing. Veerander makes sure students not only learn but also earn while studying or doing their practicals. So it is more like creating a path while studying, to reach the destination.

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2nd Floor, 328, Road No.4 KPHB, above Cherukuri Group, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, Telangana 500072

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