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Jan 22, 2020

Mr Jai Sharma, Owner & founder – Jai Sharma Solutions

January 23, 2020, New Delhi, India–

An idea today is a fortune tomorrow. With such clear focus and zeal, a young entrepreneur from India is creating ripples across the industry with his striking ideas and fool-proof technologies. The owner of Jai Sharma Solutions, Jai is a young blood serial entrepreneur with ideas that are setting benchmarks in the marketing industry. He is considered as the instrumental player in the industry for offering ground-breaking ideas, backing up projects like the xMails and xFunnels to take the market by storm with their respective success.

Through his expertise and innovation in the marketing field, Jai Sharma introduced features, like editing photoshop files online and setting up pre-recorded videos, live on Facebook, much before these concepts were available in the industry. The testimony to his expertise and success is the $8million revenue he generated in the last 5 years alone through the product launch industry.

Mr Jai Sharma, Owner & founder – Jai Sharma Solutions

His venture, Jai Sharma solutions, offers a number of software that are developed to aid the marketing industry and perform superior tasks over and over again. Jai gives credit for his success to the concept of Ideas, as he often quotes, “Idea is the mother genesis of the business”. And through his futuristic approach and ideas, he has built leading solutions, as mentioned further:

10x hostings: An unlimited hosting portal xPages: An easy to use website builderCrazykala: Professional graphic generatorxLinks: A link cloaking systemxSocials: A social media automation toolxSEO: All in one SEO suitexStocks: Browsable image inventoryVideo Sound Stock: Browsable video inventory10x mails: Smart eMail AutoresponderProgressive App Builder: Mobile App CreatorX convert: Sale booster for websitesX AdsSpy: Business ads tracker Messenger Mix: Messenger Subscription and Service ManagerVideo Editor: Easy video editorContent Studio: Content Curation EngineLive Suite Pro: Social Live Feed ManagerPush leads: Push Notification appXWP Page Builder: Website BuilderWP Image Editor: WordPress plug-in image editor

In line with these marketing tools and apps that Jai Sharma Solutions offers, Jai is adding another to the offerings by introducing 10x drive, a 1 TB of personal drive storage for a decade at low costs. Such innovations and offerings help the market players to continue, manage and improve their functionality and productivity, leading to a rise in their profits.

Apart from creating solutions for better sales and automation, Jai is also known as an international speaker on marketing strategies. He has guided countless students worldwide, assisting them in achieving success. Furthermore, Jai has proved functional in providing solutions, funding, and helping start-ups grow. Through his work, he’s has empowered over 50,000 entrepreneurs and small businesses across the globe to achieve their desired goals and success. Jai Sharma Solutions official website:

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