Founder and CEO of ElectronicSoundNation Cannon Moore Set to Change to Course of EDM

Apr 15, 2021

Indiana, United States Apr 15, 2021 ( - Cannon Moore is the founder and CEO of record label ElectronicSoundNation. He is also a musician who is integrating path-breaking production and distribution ideas of music especially in the scope of Electronic Dance Music through his start-up company.

Cannon Moore was born on March 29, 2002, and is currently 19 years of age. He founded his label company in 2019. Although very young, he has shown his dynamic resilience and potential to present music through a new format before the audience. ElectronicSoundNation signs artists every 1 to 2 days and releases every 1 to 3 days. Thus, their services and commitment towards their clients have helped them expand their legacy across the relevant scene. Musicians are always looking for representation. The competition and struggle are endless especially for an upcoming or amateur artist without any prior experience with the industry. This is where Cannon Moore's platform comes into play allowing these artists to reach their respective goals easily.

Moore holds a special connection with Electronic Dance Music. In today's time and age, EDM has taken over or rather, influenced many genres and given them the permissibility to grow into new horizons. According to him, EDM is more than just music. It carries a symbolism in itself that is the essence of life and existence. He wants his audiences to experience the same and lead a fulfilling life along the right direction of recreation and inspiration. EDM's virtues and structures not only create a sense of bliss among listeners but also have the capability of altering one's mood. After a hard day's work, one would like to unwind to EDM and let go of the hostilities in their professional and personal lives.

ElectronicSoundNation was founded with an idea to show people what EDM really is. He aims to make his label a global breakthrough and bring the genre to everyone's door. He is working hard to make his brainchild the biggest production company in the world and his conviction is proving to lead him that way. He is presenting the music through its virtues rather than its auditory, superficial characteristics. This way, the audience will empathize and understand his music more and extract motivation from it.

Cannon Moore wants EDM music to be shared with the world to make everyone's lives better. He also created ElectronicSoundNation to get artists with no fans to having fans within just 1 release of a song. He wants to share the music of various artists from across the world. He feels financial happiness is momentary and it has no meaning in the long run. What matters is people living their dream life and having spending happy days with friends and family. He is of the opinion that EDM can do just that by creating memories that will stay with us forever. The modulations of EDM are sometimes considered superficial and skin deep. But Moore presents it in a way that no one ever has before. He instigates the sentiments of music and utilizes the same to stir an emotional connection with his audiences.

Cannon Moore founded ElectronicSoundNation on March 23, 2018. ESN is a Record Label to help EDM genre artists to find their fans and get their songs on the radar. They specialize in finding tracks that will be the next hit songs in the years that pass. Their team looks for songs that have feelings and meaning. The best way to do this is to use sounds that are of high quality and bring the same to the playlists of the audiences. ElectronicSoundNation currently has 1 album out released on the 27th of April, 2021.

ElectronicSoundNation is changing the course in which EDM was perceived for all these years. It is presented as a deep-rooted connection much like other genres. As the founder and CEO, he has big plans to expand its proximities and help new artists to find their league in this super-competitive industry. If you are a musician yourself, looking for production collaboration and distribution of your songs, you can submit a demo submission to ElectronicSoundNation at this link: For more information about their line of work, visit their website at

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