Enchantment developers announced the co-establishment of Bit Brothers Eco-cloud mining pool

Aug 7, 2020

The developers of the Enchantment community stated that EAN, as the world’s largest HTML5 multimedia service platform, has officially declared that it will join the establishment project of Bit Brothers Eco-cloud mining pool. It will become the first pan-entertainment multimedia platform and the first Eco-cloud mining pool APP. This move will usher a brand-new start. By using POW combined with the cross-chain SDK tool set, Bit brothers can ensure that the cloud mining pool is compatible with more algorithms and users can log in by one-click, thus achieving the multi-ecological development of the mining pool. It can fulfill the mutual conversion among several currency such as BTC, EAN, BTBR. Finally, the mining reward is settled by BTBR, which makes the system safer and more decentralized. In this way, the storage of the mining pool’s computing power nodes is dispersed enough, so as to avoid the computing power concentration and manipulation. What’s more, BTBR can make use of their own advantages to gain development in cloud mining pool sector, win the dominant position in cloud computing power mining, and redefine the true decentralized miners.
Miners are an indispensable player of digital assets, whose competitions validate BTBR transactions. Their mining rewards are the source of the BTBR for sold. In the future, BTBR mining will be conducted mainly in professional mining pools, which will allow miners to deploy resources together.
Bit Brothers is positioned as the next generation decentralized data computing system. It has a complete ecological model system that serves distributed business APPs. BTBR incorporates the unique ETPM entropy Matthew algorithm, and introduces zero-knowledge proof and AI computing redundancy protocol to make data files safe and anonymous. Users never need to worry about privacy and storage security.
In order to solve the shortcomings of the storage module on the chain and make the market system more complete, technical experts put forward a new innovation through development and research — zero-knowledge proof, which is a branch of cryptography and has been a hotspot in the blockchain community in recent years. Through zero-knowledge proof, one party (the prover) can prove to the other party (the verifier) that he grasps some knowledge, but there is no need to disclose the knowledge itself and other information that can be used to crack the knowledge. The only information that the prover needs to convey and prove to the verifier is that he does possess some knowledge, which strengthens the private technical module of decentralization. The reason why zero-knowledge proof helps to solve the scalability problem is that the zero-knowledge proof itself is much smaller than the data it represents, and zero-knowledge proof can be used to achieve anonymization of transactions.
Mining is usually regarded as the mysterious power of digital currency, which may be attributed to its unique feature of encrypted assets. As designed by BTBR, to ensure the security of the network computing system and the decentralized computing power, it allows every miner to become the most important part and more decentralized, and eventually effectively connect the whole market through price.
BTBR digital gold is very scarce. The ultimate goal of it is to make the holders affluent, to assign value through social consensus, and to form a new force of consensus, which can promote the development of digital assets. Therefore, it has become the target of global capital for avoiding risks. For all of these, BTBR creates a more decentralized system and a more complete financial kingdom. Moreover, this move is as a cross-epoch milestone as well as an asset transformation and innovation.


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