A Road to Universal Pass GOT The Age of Universal Pass

Aug 7, 2020

Since 1980, the global gap between rich and poor has been growing. Global billionaires are growing at 13% a year. The average worker's average annual wage growth rate is only 2%. The rise of cryptocurrency in recent years has attracted the attention of global investors.
Rippo's up 30 million times in five years...
Bitcoin has risen 10 million times in eight years... Ethernet Square rose 4,000 times in four years...
Encrypted digital money has created millions of billionaires, and many people's fortunes have changed. In the foreseeable future, investing in encrypted digital money can be said to be the only way for ordinary people to change their destiny. After the blockchain technology is extracted from Bitcoin, the whole blockchain market is developing at a rapid rate. The central governments of various countries, various financial institutions, various technology companies and so on continue to pour into the blockchain market. As the influence of the blockchain community continues to expand, the value of various blockchain assets has increased by three to five times, more than ten times or even tens of times hundreds of times. a large number of investors who entered the market early have already enjoyed the dividends brought by the rapid development of the market, and the digital money market is even more booming. we have reason to believe that the earlier we enter the blockchain investment market, especially the investors in the digital asset trading market, the greater the harvest.
And as a global card payment leader of the GOT universal card, will bring block chain practitioners how much wealth effect?
I would like to follow, listen to my detailed explanation for you.
Closing the Global Payment Gap
The total market value of digital currency in 2020 has reached $2.6 trillion, which has become a worldwide recognition of value. However, as a currency, the current circulation of digital currency is limited to exchanges as trading chips and investment appreciation, and the actual payment effect has not been realized.
Universal pass card GOT, the realization of the era including Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay, Visa and other payment functions, the perfect solution to the problem of digital money can not be offline consumption, truly achieve the digital currency of the world, the whole society, all aspects, all channels of consensus recognition, so that digital money into a full range of landing applications.
From then on, people in the hands of digital money, can complete the same as other currencies, in consumer shopping places, direct sweep code payment. The promotion dividend that erupts from this, will bring rich excess profit return to forerunner!

Linkage Pass and Trade Linkage Tradition and Encrypted Finance
 GOT digital assets provide a solution to the problem of digital payment in the field of personal finance, which can be exchanged and traded seamlessly in real time. It will realize payment functions including Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay, Visa and so on.
 GOT the emergence of digital assets, solve the problem that digital money can not be consumed offline, solve the problem of cumbersome and time-consuming bank settlement process in cross-border financial countries, solve the problem of high foreign exchange settlement rate of cross-border consumption, whether enterprises or individuals, GOT digital assets to sweep the world by one-click, truly reach the consensus of all aspects of digital money, so that digital money can reach all aspects of landing application.
 GOT digital assets provide a solution to the problem of wealth appreciation in the area of personal finance, the world's traditional financial volume is huge, but the monthly rate is extremely low, investors have little return, digital money financial market value growth is alarming, several years to achieve hundreds of times growth, but digital money has always been unable to link with traditional financial markets, GOT through the Global Pass Securities Foundation, digital asset securitization of encrypted currencies, participation in the operation of traditional financial markets through digital asset securities funds, stable and rich returns for investors from the traditional financial circuit block chain.
Supply and demand regulation of value-added block chain 4.0 times ten thousand coins
Universal Pass three major territory: finance, business, trading.
Through the "global payment chain" ecological construction of the financial sector, open up the encrypted assets and the national legal and monetary assets of non-barrier exchange, truly realize the link between the encrypted currency and the real world consumer finance, so that the circulation of value, so that the currency is more dispersed.
Through the ecological construction of the GOT foundation "card securitization ", connecting the encrypted finance and the traditional finance, making the value flow more smoothly, GOT card as the only requirement for the global user to participate in the GOT fund, will form a huge card base of card lock;
Under the double regulation of the fund lock-in with the diversification + the currency holding address, the GOT circulation volume continues to shrink and the supply exceeds the supply. With the help of the deflation model design of the commercial sector, the GOT value will rise and the market value will grow steadily, bringing hundreds or even tens of thousands of times the return to investors.
The new era has been opened, let us wait and see.


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