Jul 30, 2021

Low Sugar Whey Protein BCAA Lean Muscle Growth Best Workout Supplements Launched

Anabolic Warfare has expanded its product line into whey supplements with added BCAA to aid muscle growth, post-workout recovery, and other benefits for optimum fitness.

Jul 30, 2021

Heart Health Immunity Support/Natural Nitric Oxide Production Supplement Launch

Shirley McMillion has announced an updated partnership with Cardio Miracle, a natural health supplement that increases the body's production of nitric oxide to improve cardiovascular health.

Jul 30, 2021

After Death Family Affairs Record Important Information Keeper Launched

An information record that helps individuals organize their affairs before they die has launched. The Let Family Know Keeper is an unusual ring binder that keeps important information in one place.

Jul 30, 2021

Why People Tend to Buy More Than One Product When Shopping on a Smart Vending Machine

SandStar Smart Kiosk CHARLOTTE, N.C. - July 31, 2021 - ( A lot of people have tried the "Grab and Go" shopping experience on a smart vending machine: swipe the card to open the door, take the products just like from the fridge at home, then you are free to go, the checkout is totally automatic. No need to bend over to take products from the pick-up box, no lines, quicker and smoother. Since invented in 2017, SandStar Smart Kiosks has brought this kind of convenient shopping experience to a lot of people, through cooperate with some top retail brands. While people pay high attention to the technology embodied by the product, the logic behind the popularity of the smart vending machine is easy to be ignored: it is favored by the retailers not only because it applies the most cutting-edge technology but also because it brings tremendous commercial value to them. When purchasing from a traditional vending machine, consumers won't be able to touch the products before payment. Under this condition, people will behave rationally, most of them will choose only one product he/she wants most. When the products become touchable, just like shopping on a SandStar smart kiosk, things go differently. Compared with the traditional vending machine, SandStar Smart Kiosks enable people to take before paying; that's to say, consumers are able to open the door to choose the items they want. Under this condition, people can see and touch more details of the products, the material of packages, see the producing date, etc. This will give them more time to think and their shopping journey will end with buying more than one product. In a real case in Japan, a client told SandStar among the orders placed for traditional vending machines, 90% of them have only one item included, only 10% of people bought more than one; when the SandStar Smart Kiosks were put into use, 40% would purchase more than one item. It shows that SandStar Smart Kiosks do increase the purchase intention and boost sales up by 130%. Leveraging Computer Vision as core technology, the SandStar Smart Kiosks represent the combination of technology trend and industry demand. Till 2021, more than 25 Fortune 500 companies like Unilever, Coca-Cola, HMSHost have chosen SandStar Smart Kiosk to help them expand the business landscape. In the near future, you will find the smart kiosk at the airports, the gyms, the offices, the lobbies of apartments. The renowned companies have demonstrated a stronger desire to use cutting-edge technologies to empower their operations. Press Release Service by Original Source: Why People Tend to Buy More Than One Product When Shopping on a Smart Vending Machine

Jul 30, 2021

Cheering on 2020 Tokyo Olympic athletes, The demonstration of the soft power of Taoyuan, Taiwan.

The Tokyo Olympics run from July 23rd to August 8th. There are 7 in 68 members of Taiwan squad from Taoyuan, Taiwan: Lee Chih-kai, who had beat all the other players and won the gold medal in side horse competition in the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta, Cheng Chao-Tsun, Asian javelin record-holder, Wei Chun-Heng an experienced world-class archer, Tien Chia-Chen, the first shooting athlete winning a place in Taiwan delegation of the Tokyo Olympics, Chou Tien-Chen, the world's fourth-ranked badminton player, and Su Po-Ya and Huang Yu-Jen, the top taekwondo players who have won plenty of medals in international competitions. They have been trained hard to shine on the stage of the Tokyo Olympics. Taoyuan, Taiwan’s gate to the world , boasts the highest industrial output value in Taiwan. In addition to the promotion of city construction, Taoyuan has attached great importance to the cultivation of sport talents to build a sport city. Taoyuan City Government has shot videos with “Never Stop” as their topic to cheer on the Tokyo Olympic athletes, showing their tenacity, concentration, persistence and dreams as well as the attitude of “never stop” in the competitions. In recent years, Taoyuan has actively promoted various sports to build a sport city benefiting citizens. Taoyuan has successively planned 5 major sport parks, 11 sport centers, 28 canopy basketball courts, 6 baseball fields, 3 football fields, 5 tennis courts and an aquatic sports training base in Amouping. Moreover, Taoyuan Youth Adventure Camps and dugout canoe display area in Houhu River will provide diversified sports facilities and combine sports with tourism and entertainment, which can motivate people to play sports and live a healthy life. Sports build a bridge to the international community! Led by Taoyuan International Football Club, 5 teams including Female Adult Team (Team A), Male Adult Team (Team B), Male Team U-18, Male Team U-15 and Futsal Team have performed well in the first several competitions. The football players are from different countries all over the world, among which some are foreign workers with high football skills. Therefore, Taoyuan will be introduced to our international friends during football competitions and show our best performance in the international competitions. AD BY TYCG   Company Name: Taoyuan City Government Contact Person: Tang Yun Email: Website:

Jul 30, 2021

Collective Cons Mystery Box merging fashion and primary tradelines.

Collective Con is celebrating the launch of their company by offering 50% off their Mystery box. This product is able to be financed and does report to the credit bureaus as a primary tradeline account.

Jul 30, 2021

Invisalign and Braces, A Pain Study by Dentist London Ontario Sbenati Dentistry

Sbenati Dentistry reviews an Invisalign study performed to display the difference in pain and discomfort between Invisalign clear aligners and traditional braces when teeth straightening. Visit their website for more info on Invisalign:

Jul 30, 2021 Launches A “Save On Unsold Hotel Rooms” member-based travel program. launches a members-only new subscription-based travel club offering members "Unsold Hotel Rooms" at travel agency wholesale rates directly to its members.

Jul 30, 2021

Custom Cycling Jersey for Women – US Apparel Lifetime Quality Guarantee Launch

As recreational and competitive cycling grows across America, supplier of high-performance sporting apparel Champion System USA launches a custom design service with low minimum order quantities for its range of women’s cycling apparel.

Jul 30, 2021

Ether Data is The New Blockchain Magnet With a Scientific and Ecological Outlook

Robert Bo Collins, CEO of Mercantile Bank International, and cryptologist Nikolay Tasev, have announced the launch of Ether Data. It is a new cryptocurrency token that pledges ecological sustainability with economic development.

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