Launched to Offer Free Inspiration and Motivation

June 30, 2020 - /PressAdvantage/ - Ari Lopatin has announced the launch of his new website,, which offers free inspirational and motivational videos to help people with their self-development. Ari Lopatin is a motivational speaker, fitness trainer, and a young entrepreneur who wants to inspire people to live the most meaningful lives for themselves. He has become popular as one of the youngest fitness and life coach trainers who is able to transform people’s mindsets through inspirational videos and creative thinking. People who want to know more about Ari Lopatin and his inspirational videos may want to follow his Facebook page at

Ari Lopatin says, “Don’t worry about the big changes you want to make. Just put in that extra effort to make a slight improvement each time you try. These little improvements can quickly add up to major changes. Life gives you challenges and tests for you to accept and then rise to your next level! Don't be so concerned about how many times you stumble. Be more focused on how many times you get back up and try harder!”

He continues, “Challenge yourself! When it comes to self-empowerment. Indulge yourself to become a better version of you - and exploring new opportunities.”

Ari Lopatin wants to influence other people in light of his experience and knowledge. He is known for having transformed the mindsets of people, through his highly energetic messages and creative strategies. He continues to inspire thousands of people who are following him on his website and social channels. He serves as the voice of inspiration for millions of people through his easy-going method of presenting his message, allowing people to go through a journey of productive self-discovery. He makes use of his vast experience as a physical fitness trainer in inspiring people but he now plans to make people realize the importance of mental health as well. He invites people to join him on a journey of daily self-improvement and inspiration through his YouTube videos at


Ari offers many inspirational videos on his website and those who are interested in receiving such videos can subscribe for free. For instance, in one of these videos, he encourages people to change their usual point of view where they say “I can’t” to “I just haven’t yet!” He uses Michael Jordan as an example, who instead of being discouraged by the many times he missed a game-winning shot, uses these failures to motivate himself to continue to improve. He did more than just improve - Michael Jordan went on to become one of the greatest basketball legends in history.

In another motivational video, he stresses how one person's perceptions are totally shattered - with the simple addition of one more piece of evidence. We all live in the same world. But, how we view that world makes can make a major difference. Ari Lopatin gives us many examples of how simply changing our interpretations of events can build incredibly positive changes in yourself.

Also available on Ari Lopatin’s website is a blog that provides a number of inspiring articles. An example being, Eight Ways to Fight Stress, Low Self-esteem, and Anxiety from Home.

Those who want to know more about Ari Lopatin’s inspirational and motivational videos can check out his website at, or they can contact him on the telephone, or through email.


For more information about, contact the company here:
Ari Lopatin
(908) 751-7123, 8998 Route 18, Old Bridge, NJ 08857

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