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Pakistani court orders arrest of cleric over violent rally

Mar 20, 2018

Pakistani court orders arrest of a radical Islamist cleric behind last year's violent rally in Islamabad

Botched suicide attack wounds 5 students in Afghan capital

Mar 18, 2018

An Afghan official says an attacker dressed in a school uniform set off a grenade in a group of hundreds of university students who had gathered for classes in the capital on Sunday, killing himself and wounding five students

Myanmar forces Burman culture on minorities, erases identity

Mar 16, 2018

Myanmar's civilian government is continuing the earlier military drive to Burmanize its ethnic minorities through education, religious proselytization and often through force

New China 'crime' crackdown targets threats to party rule

Mar 16, 2018

Tibetan activists, housing petitioners and other campaigners are targets of China's newly begun crackdown against so-called organized crime

Prison time for China anthem insults in new Hong Kong law

Mar 16, 2018

Hong Kong authorities unveiled planned legislation requiring students to be taught China's national anthem and punishing anyone who insults it with up to three years in prison

Ethnic Uighurs protest Chinese security crackdown

Mar 16, 2018

Members of the Uighur Muslim ethnic group are protesting a sweeping Chinese surveillance and security campaign that has sent thousands of people into detention and political indoctrination centers

Sri Lanka lifts Facebook ban after anti-Muslim violence ends

Mar 15, 2018

Sri Lanka's government has lifted a weeklong ban on social media that was imposed because of concerns that it was being used to fan anti-Muslim violence in the country's central region

Pipe dream? Hong Kong architect proposes low-cost tube homes

Mar 15, 2018

Drain pipe micro-homes latest idea for alleviating Hong Kong's shortage of affordable housing

Myanmar says it's ready for UN help with Rohingya return

Mar 14, 2018

Myanmar officials say the time is right to have U.N. agencies become involved in the repatriation of Rohingya refugees who fled to Bangladesh to escape violence against them

Sri Lankan government urged to lift block on social media

Mar 14, 2018

Sri Lankan activists and journalists are demanding the government end a weeklong shutdown of several social media sites now that anti-Muslim violence in the island's central hills has eased

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