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India deports Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar

Oct 4, 2018

India has deported its first group of Rohingya Muslims since the government last year ordered the expulsion of members of the Myanmar minority group and others who entered the country illegally

India to begin deportations of Rohingya Muslims to Myanmar

Oct 3, 2018

Indian police say they plan to send seven Rohingya Muslims back to Myanmar in the first deportation of members of the Myanmar minority group since the Home Ministry ordered state authorities to deport them and other illegal immigrants

250 patients evacuated in hospital fire in eastern India

Oct 3, 2018

A fire has broken out in a pharmacy at a state-run medical college and hospital complex in eastern India, causing panic among around 250 patients who were evacuated to safe wards

India's top court lifts temple's ban on women who menstruate

Sep 28, 2018

India's Supreme Court has lifted a temple's ban on women of menstruating age, holding that equality is supreme irrespective of age and gender

Pakistan's Ahmadis fearful as leaders bow to extremists

Sep 28, 2018

Fears mount for Pakistan's Ahmadiyya minority after new government bows to Islamic hard-liners

Journalists slam pending Bangladesh digital security law

Sep 28, 2018

Journalists, human rights groups criticize a bill that recently passed Parliament, saying it will stifle dissent and curb free speech in Bangladesh

Adultery verdict is latest progressive ruling by India court

Sep 28, 2018

The chief justice of India's Supreme Court has presided over a string of progressive rulings that grant more rights to women, gay couples and religious minorities before he retires next month

Vatican agreement with China draws concerns amid crackdown

Sep 27, 2018

The Vatican's breakthrough agreement China over bishop appointments has received a decidedly mixed reception, with some labeling it a virtual surrender to the atheist ruling Communist Party

Asian victors may find anti-China campaign vows hard to keep

Sep 26, 2018

Three Asian countries have elected leaders who promise to temper China's growing influence, but analysts say reducing Beijing's foothold won't be easy

Correction: Pakistan-China story

Sep 26, 2018

Correction: Pakistan-China story

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