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Afghan women demand seat at peace talks but face resistance

Apr 28, 2019

Afghan women are demanding a strong voice in peace talks between the government and the Taliban but are so far meeting resistance

Thousands march in Hong Kong against extradition law

Apr 28, 2019

Thousands of protesters have marched through downtown Hong Kong in opposition to changes to an extradition law that many see as eroding the territory's independent legal system

Afghan women push for voice in talks, fearing loss of rights

Apr 28, 2019

Afghan women are facing resistance as they demand a strong voice in peace talks between the government and Taliban

Indian police uncovered a plot, but Sri Lanka didn't act

Apr 27, 2019

Indian police work uncovered a plot ahead of the Easter attacks, but Sri Lanka didn't act

Sri Lanka militants set off bombs during raid, killing 15

Apr 27, 2019

Sri Lankan security forces have found 15 bodies, including six children, after militants linked to the Easter bombings set off explosives during a raid on a house in the country's east

Seeds of hate in Sri Lanka: Fiery leader, wealthy followers

Apr 27, 2019

A picture of a determined local militant cell that suddenly went global is slowly emerging from the aftermath of the grief and confusion of Sri Lanka's Easter bombings

Sunday Mass canceled across Sri Lanka a week after bombings

Apr 27, 2019

The Catholic church in Sri Lanka has canceled all Sunday Masses until further notice over concerns it remains a top target of Islamic State-linked extremists

Lawyer: US man had Myanmar's permission to grow cannabis

Apr 26, 2019

A lawyer for an American man in Myanmar says his arrest for growing 20 acres of cannabis plants is unjust because authorities knew his company was doing scientific research and police were confusing hemp with recreational marijuana

Christians' ethnic inclusion in Sri Lanka keeps fragile calm

Apr 26, 2019

Christianity's inclusion on both of Sri Lanka's main ethnic groups may help explain the measured calm that has so far been the response to the Easter attacks

Death toll lowered to 253, Sri Lanka braces for more attacks

Apr 25, 2019

Sri Lanka on Thursday lowered the death toll from the Easter suicide bombings by nearly one-third, to 253, as authorities hunted urgently for a least five more suspects and braced for the possibility of more attacks in the coming days

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